Friday, April 3, 2009

What's your preference?

So, I've discovered one or two things about myself as I've gone through life (hopefully more than one or two, but I didn't want to have to quantify that statement!). One thing I've discovered about myself when I'm about to do something risky/scary/different is that while I want to know all about it, I have ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE to see it ahead of time. Or watch a video about it. Or look at pictures about it.

Specifically, I'm getting LASIK done on my eyes next week. I'm so excited I could puke. And I'm so nervous I could puke.

After meeting with the doctor, Don and I (mostly Don, since I don't really like to talk on the phone) called everyone we could think of that had had the procedure done with a list of questions. Including what (if anything) went wrong with their procedure.

Because THAT I want to know. That way I can convince myself that it WON'T happen to me. Or at least that whatever could go wrong is fixable. My logic is weird, I know.

But the video they made me watch at the doctor's office about the procedure?


I couldn't even watch the cartoon eye that was getting the procedure done, much less a real eye. Don and the kids watched the video with fascination, but I watched the paint on the walls.

As the video was playing, Don and I were reminiscing about our prenatal classes we had to take before Sis was born. They had one week where they showed a video of "real births." Other moms-to-be were crying because "it was so beautiful." I was crying because I was freaked out and did NOT want to watch. I actually left the class that night for the remainder of the video.

Is anyone else like me? You want to know, but not see? Or you want to see, but not hear? Or you want to go in completely blind (bad bad pun for what I'm getting done!)?

What's your preference for the unknown?


granny2five said...

Think it depends upon whether the "unknown" involves me or someone I love. If it concerns me, I don't need a thesis on what's going on. However, if it's my honey or someone else I love, I want to know everything that can, will or could remotely happen!

Blessed Mama said...

No. I'm the opposite. I would dissect an eyeball if it would help. :)

dulce de leche said...

I want to know every possible detail, and examine all the possible outcomes. I know that it doesn't really give me greater control, but it feels like it does.

Hugs to you--we'll be praying for an easy time of it!