Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Party on, party people!

Here are some shots from Bub's 8th birthday party...

The Bounce House... yeah, the one that we thought we were going to have to cancel because it rained the entire morning of the party. The one that I had already put a deposit on, and did NOT want to cancel because it was the center of the party's entertainment. The one that I decided we were going to get anyway, because I prayed, and it was NOT GOING TO RAIN from 1-3 (party time). By the way, it started sprinkling at 3:05 p.m. God is good!

This cracks me up!!! On their own, some of the boys decided to play a little b-ball, shirts vs. skins. We're nothing if not CLASSY!!!

Then there was the Green Machine. ALWAYS a hit when kids are over... it's like a grown-up sized Big Wheel!

Two girls from Bub's class... as soon as they saw the camera, they started posing! Aren't they cute??

Bub and two of his wrestling buddies. Note that he still hasn't managed to put on his shirt yet, even though the game is long over... "I forgot!"

Just a little suburbia for you... check out our cadre of SUVs at the party.

For the first time ever, we just did cupcakes instead of a big cake. I prefer cupcakes (taste-wise) anyway. I did not, however, think through the logistics of a big "8" candle staying upright in a little bitty cupcake. Oh well. We made it work.

Opening cards and gifts... always a fun part!

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LissaLou said...

It looks like everyone had a great time!