Friday, December 16, 2011

Before and After, part 3?

I feel like I am always posting Before and Afters.  If you haven't figured this out about me yet, I like to change things up.  A lot.  And so do my kids with THEIR hair.  So, here we go again.  :)

In case you forgot, here's my before...  (the first one is this morning, and it's kind of blurry... still getting used to my new camera).

I've been letting it grow out for about 2 years now.  And I really like it when I FIX it, but that doesn't happen regularly.  :)  I most often do what I did in the top picture... straighten my bangs and let the rest dry naturally (and frizzy).

So, I decided to chop it off.  Literally.  I am still researching where to donate my hair to, but my braid was 10" long.


So, here's the "after."  I think it's kinda "big" today.  I call it hairstylist hair...  where it's a little bigger than I would normally wear it.  But I LOVE IT!

And there go you...  the BEFORE AND AFTER... again.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Being an Individual

So, the more Don and I got to know each other as we were dating and newly married, we realized that we had something in common... we like(d) to be an individual... stand out in a crowd.  (I just realized how funny that is... that we like to be an individual just like each other.  ha)

While both kids inherited that trait from us in some ways (let's remember the numerous mohawks that Bub has sported... the slicked back mullet that he wore out for his birthday), that trait has really been passed on to Sis.

She doesn't care about name brands on clothes, she doesn't care about name brands on shoes... she just likes what SHE likes.

So, for the last year or so, I've been letting her put semi-permanent color in her hair.  We've tried this look several times, but this latest 'do has "taken" the most.  The whole underneath of her hair has been dyed black.  And as long as it is, and because of her layers, it shows up the bottom third of her hair or so.

And she loved it so much that she actually did a little photo posing for me.  Which, these days, is a big deal!  Here's Sis...

I love her smile here, but you can't see as much of her "underneath" hair.  Note her "Geek" necklace, and her Pokemon hoodie.

You can see the color better in this one.

My gorgeous, individual girl

One last look...