Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!

Happy new year, y'all! I've been enjoying the first day of 2012. We spent the night with friends last night and now we're watching The Cosby Show with the kids.

As I seem to do every year, I've been reflecting on the last year and planning my goals for the next year.

Some of my 2011 goals were to take a photo a day and to read through the Bible for the first time ever (I've gotten a lot of it read before, but haven't ever made it all the way through). So, the picture of the day... It was a FAIL! I made it through part of August. But as of today, I finished the entire Bible! I'm really excited!

I also had a goal to take better care of my health in 2011. I intended to take vitamins daily, but I didn't do so well with that. I did, however, start working out regularly. And that's good. :)

In 2010, we made it through 7 days of nightly devotions with the kids before that fell by the wayside. So I felt like we made a marked improvement in 2011 because we made it over 2 weeks! Ha.

For 2012, here are some of my goals:
Regular devotions with the kids
Memorize Psalms 139
Drink 8 glasses of water a day
Do 20 "real" pushups in a row
Run a 5k without walking
Weigh a certain amount (nunya bizness!)
Take a picture a day (again...)

I like the word "goal" better than "resolution," because it seems to focus more on the effort rather a resolute notion. And that feels more doable to me.

So what about you? Do you make resolutions? Goals?