Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I just had the opportunity to go to Chicago twice... within two weeks.  What an awesome time I had.... both times!  The first time was just Don and I (for 2 nights), then we took the kids with us last Wednesday and stayed until Monday.  So for a recap of both trips, via Instagram... stay with me.  :)

I absolutely love driving into the city... especially on a clear, bright day.

We stayed at the gorgeous Palmer House, which has a fabulous ceiling in the lobby...

And wonderful, retro-styled rooms.

Ooh la la!  This meant we got free snacks in the EXECUTIVE LEVEL (because we have so many points...)

And of course, Don brought his bike along...

I got to wear my new-to-me thrifted shoes...  I love new (to me) shoes!
And we got to enjoy SUSHI!!  Yum!

Then, when we went back with the kids, there was more fun to be had...

We had an amazing view from the 39th floor in our hotel room right on the Magnificent Mile.
We were within walking distance of what Bub called "heaven on earth" (an 8-story Sports Authority).  Ha.

We even shopped at Trader Joe's.

 The kids and I had a fabulous day at the Museum of Science and Industry while Don was in a meeting.

And we even braved public transportation on our own!
That evening, we went for a long walk around Chicago...
 And passed Iron Man and the Hulk (who gave Bub a bro-fist).

Saturday was Don's birthday, and we had a fabulous day!

 We walked around and hung out in phone booths...

 We went to Dave & Buster's and played video games.

Then that night, Don and Bub went to the Notre Dame/Miami football game at Soldier Field while Sis and I had a GNO... we went to Ed Debevics and a movie.  What a fabulous night!

Sunday, we woke up early to watch a part of the Chicago Marathon, which came right by our hotel... we were almost exactly at the one-mile mark.  There were runners everywhere!

We finished up our day by heading to Six Flags - Chicago (which is a fun way to use our St Louis season passes).

 Overall, it was a lot of fun, and we were all sad to leave.  Although it IS good to be home.