Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fashion Favorites

So, here are a few more of my fashion favorites for now... (please note that a super long neck is NOT one of my fashion favorites... I don't THINK my neck is as long as it looks here, but maybe it is... regardless, even though it APPEARS that the picture below is focused on my neck, that is not the intent. Thank you for listening to my public service announcement).

Purple - it's the new black, have you heard??? :) I don't know if that's the case or not, but I love all the purple that's out right now.

Ruffles - They're EVERYWHERE! And they make me happy!

And you put Purple and Ruffles together??? *sigh of happiness*

Statement necklaces - I love all the fun, fancy necklaces that are out right now. This is one that I got at Kohl's for my class reunion. I love it!

Here's another one I have a lot of fun with (I might have gotten this one at Kohl's, too).

What do you think? Do you like these too???

Monday, October 26, 2009

An epic day of football

So, I got free tickets to an NFL game through my job, so we planned a family fun day for this last Sunday. Unfortunately, Don got sick and wasn't able to go with us, but my brother (Uncle B) was willing to fill in.

Here is Uncle B with Sis and Bub as we were headed up to our (nosebleed) seats.
Uncle B and Sis watching the game intently (see how close to the top we are???)

We did have a good birds-eye view from up at the top, though!

Very blurry, but I thought it was funny that Sis brought her notebook and pencil with her so she could draw during the game.

Bub and me.

Uncle B explaining the finer poings of football to Bub (who LOOOOOVED being there)
I might add that it WASN'T an epic day of football, per se... it's just that with Bub having his first thrilling experience with an NFL game, then it became an epic day of football for him! He'll always remember yesterday's experience!

*Photos not taken with my regular camera... they're with my iPhone, so the quality isn't quite "normal." I did take my good camera... I just am too lazy to download them quite yet to the computer.*

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fashion Favorites for Fall

Aren't I alliterative???

So, fashion maven I'm not. But I DO love clothes. And some trends. Others, not so much. I don't spend lots of money on clothes/shoes/handbags because I just can't... It's almost compulsive to HAVE to find a bargain! For me to pay full price/designer price is INCONCEIVABLE!


There are certain things that I *do* like! So when I can't think of anything else to blog about when I feel led, I'm going to focus on certain fashion trends that I'm currently loving.

Today's trend(s): Patterned tights with or without peeptoe pumps. Or even unpatterned tights. I think tights are fun, they can change an entire outfit's look and they're a CHEAP way change it up!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Double Digits, Baby!

So, guess who turned DOUBLE DIGITS a few weeks ago?

That's right, my baby!!!

Sis turned the big 1-0... And boy was she excited!!!!

So, in the spirit of Bub's birthday post (see here), I thought I'd list out 10 things (out of many) I love about Sis.

1. Her artistic ability and eye... Sis can draw anything anytime, and do it WELL! Her favorite style is a cartoon-ish style. She draws while she watches TV, she draws at school, she draws when she's bored, she draws ALL the time! And let me just say, Don and I neither one have ANY artistic abilities!

2. I love Sis's personality. She's NEVER met a stranger, she is passionate about things and people she loves, she's funny (sarcastic much?), she's curious and sincere, and people enjoy being around her... especially me!

3. Sis has a special affinity for animals and babies. And poor thing, she's out of luck on both fronts at our house! Her mama's done having babies, and her dad/brother are allergic to animals, so she can't have those either! But she loves being around other babies and others' animals!

4. Her memory. She can read a word she's never heard before (or hear one on TV), and ask me about it a week later. She still remembers a girl she met on vacation in Phoenix several years ago by name (they played together in the pool one day).

5. She has a mind of her own. That's not ALWAYS good, but a lot of the time, it's great! She doesn't do things just because her friends are doing it. That's a sign of a leader, not a follower!

6. She's determined! Sis has a lot of weather fears because of a really scary storm we were stuck in several years back. She knows these fears can be crippling, so a couple times a year, she gets a determined look on her face and decides to face her fears. The picture above is her playing in the rain... which was a BIG HONKING deal at the time... it was the first time she had willingly gone outside in the rain in YEARS!

7. So this one is shallow... but she's so stinking cute! She's got rosy cheeks, adorable blonde hair that grown-ups pay lots of money to try to replicate, beautiful big green eyes (I always wanted green eyes), and the cutest little nose!

8. As social as Sis is, her favorite thing is to hang out with her family... movie nights and game nights make her happy (movie nights MORE than game nights, to be honest... she doesn't always like our game choices! hee). Gotta love a girl who loves her mama!

9. She's a good mix of girly-girl and tomboy... or another way to put it is: she's a good mix of her mom and dad. Sis has been more interested in fashion and make-up lately, but she's always been interested in decorating her room the way she wanted it, deconstructing her barbie clothes for them, NOT so interested in sports (except for swimming)... but she's also interested in riding the 4-wheeler, helping her dad mow (on the riding lawnmower, of course), hiking through the snow, going to Cardinals games....

10. She's able to enjoy the moment. Sis has always loved whatever age she is... While she can't WAIT to grow up (so she can say "butt" mostly, I think), she truly enjoys where she is. When she was in pre-school, she lovedlovedloved pre-school. Kindergarten was the same. In 3rd grade, she loved being the oldest at her school. Now in 4th grade, she loves being in a new school with older kids. She has a sense of true joy just being...

I love you so much, baby! And you'll always BE my baby... even though you'll probably be as tall as me in the next year or so (not fair, those genetics!). Welcome to double-digits!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wild Thing

Today is Wild Hair Day at Bub's School

*Facial Expressions are bonus!*

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So, whatcha been up to?

So, whatcha been up to the in THE LAST MONTH?

Cuz that's almost how long it's been since I've posted. I don't know why... it is what it is, I guess!

So, in order to expedite things, I'll just catch you up with my life in bullet point format. Because, really, everything should be in bullet points, don't you think?

  • Fall has arrived! I even have on boots today!
  • I had a birthday... let's not talk numbers, K?
  • Sis had a birthday -- DOUBLE DIGITS, BABY! I will (eventually) post more about that.
  • Don had a birthday -- sensing a theme here???
  • The kids started piano lessons... cute!!!
  • Bub has started soccer
  • Sis is back to swimming lessons
  • I got an iPhone (yes, I've drank the Koolaid!)

What's COMING up, you ask???

  • Our annual themed bonfire... the theme won't be as funny as last year's or the year before, but it should still be fun!
  • Headed to KY this weekend with the fam so my hunny can do another mountain bike race
  • I'm contemplating a fairly ambitious athletic attempt (for me)... I'll post more later if I decide for sure to do it
  • Halloween... and nope, we don't have our costumes figured out AT ALL yet
  • Christmas... according to every retail store I enter!

I think that's all for now, folks! Let's talk again soon!