Tuesday, April 14, 2009

8 ~ Ocho ~ Eight

In honor of Bub turning EIGHT yesterday (*sob* my baby's 8... I'll be in the corner crying now), I thought I'd list eight of the (many) things I love about my special guy.

1. I love his personality... he's got a tough guy (10-ft tall and bulletproof) persona, along with a cuddly, loving side. See? He's hugging his great-grandma with his spiky mohawk that we let him have for his 7th birthday. There's nothing better than cuddles from this guy!

2. His piercing blue eyes.

3. The way he NEVER sits still, except during cuddle time or while watching a movie he's never seen before. Otherwise, he watches TV in a wrestling stance, or on his head.

4. The way he memorizes EVERYTHING he sees on TV. EVERY. THING. He can quote commercials, lines from movies, and almost entire TV episodes. And songs. Especially songs from the TV... like movies. I've always said that he could memorize the entire Bible if someone would read it on DVD... I still may try that!

5. The way he prays. The boy can pray!!! His prayers every night really touch my heart!

6. His ability to make friends. I love that NEITHER of my kids are shy at all, although some might think that Bub is shy (compared to Sis). But he's not. I love how he takes interest in things his friends are interested in (did that even make sense?). For example, his best friend at school LOVES Nasc*r, so Bub has learned ALL about Nasc*r so he and E have stuff to talk about. I love that.

7. He loves to learn. Learn anything. Sports, academics, songs... he loves to learn it all. And he's excited to learn.
8. I love Bub because he's Bub. 'Nuff said. He brings something special into everyone's life that he touches. Because he's Bub.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUB!!!! This is the first post about you since you've turned 8!

P.S. What did the Zero say to the Eight? Nice Belt.


gillyhappy1 said...

Love this post:)

LissaLou said...

Aww, this made Aunt Lissa cry. I love the old pics. I especially agree with numbers 1 and 2. And 5 & 6 are so neat. I can't believe how big he is now, but I think we can all agree he is VERY special!

Blessed Mama said...

Awww...I love this kid too! And the joke in honor of him made me smile.

dulce de leche said...

Awwww. What a special post. This is one of those things you'll have to keep so that he can read it a couple decades from now. Happy Birthday, Bub!