Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Girls Weekend - American Girl

As you may recall, Sis got Kit (her American Girl doll) for Christmas, and for the first time EVER, has enjoyed playing with a doll. So, the pinnacle of our weekend trip was to the American Girl Store. And let me tell you... WOW!

In a way, it reminded me of Disney, in that even if you were prepared NOT to like it, they make sure it's an EXPERIENCE for all who visit.

We started out with lunch in the Cafe. Kit got her own high chair and black/white dishes.
Our place setting and menu... everything was black/white and hot pink. The napkin holder was a ponytail holder that the girls could keep.

Look at this adorable dessert plate. In the flower pot was chocolate mousse. The food was EXPENSIVE, but very well done and delicious.

Sis and Kit: Notice Sis's hair... she insisted that her DeDe (grandmother) curl it under for the day, since that's how Kit's hair is fixed.

Here are all the American Girl highchairs at the entrance of the cafe. They also keep extra dolls in case a girl comes to eat that doesn't have her own doll with her.

The store was HUGE, and we explored every inch of it!
I asked Sis if she was interested in a photography session in the photo studio, but she said no thanks. "You take my picture all the time... you can take our photo." Awwww.....
But then I wouldn't STOP taking her picture, and she got annoyed.


Until I showed her how funny she looked!

What a fun day!

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dulce de leche said...

What a fun day! Your daughter is so beautiful.