Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby fever at the zoo

So, my bff from college, J, came in town this weekend for her sister's bridal shower. This was the first chance I've had to meet her baby, Baby P. So, the kids and I met them at the zoo Friday afternoon as soon as they got out of school (and I got off work). The day was BEAUTIFUL!!!

We got there, and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with Baby P (and I have a secret crush on his baby cousin, Baby C, too!!! He's also a doll!). And while Baby P tolerated me fawning all over him, he L.O.V.E.D. Bub and Sis. And the feeling was mutual!

Except for their cousins, I've never seen the kids act like this around a baby before. They did not leave his sight!!!

Here Bub is making him laugh by doing something to his arm (check out Baby P's cute wrap-around sunglasses).
At one point, Sis gave him a hug, and he practically leaped into her arms... so Sis (with a little help from J), got to hold him for a while. She was pretty proud.

The biggest argument of the day was who got to push the stroller... SO CUTE!

Baby P does NOT think Bub should get a hair cut... he likes it just fine!!! In fact, he couldn't leave it alone!

While Baby P's Aunt K was holding him, Sis was playing Peek-a-boo with him. I love how he smiles with his mouth wide open!

Now for a few non-Baby P shots (as much as it kills me!): Who's imitating who here???

For every special event in our lives, J and I have always gotten our pictures taken together since we've been friends. Sis took this one of us... it's bad lighting, but at least it's taken. **Since I'm post-LASIK, I still can't wear eye makeup, so it's amazing that I'm actually posting a picture of me during this 2-week timespan! But for the sake of BFF-ness, I'll get over it!**
So, I think we all got our baby fix for a while... til the next time we're around an adorable baby.

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gillyhappy1 said...

The baby is so CUTE when he smiles!!