Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Girls Weekend - Museum

So, while the boys went on their "boys weekend" to the nationals wrestling tournament, we had our own girl's weekend in Chicago.

Sis, my mother-in-law M, and I arrived on Friday night to our hotel, then on Saturday morning we headed to downtown. M and I had a little difficulty finding our way from the hotel (Mapquest did NOT do a good job of telling us whether to turn left or right from our hotel... other than that SMALL detail, the directions were GREAT!), and Sis was worried that we would never make it downtown! Or anywhere else that weekend, for that matter.

So, our first step was the Museum of Science and Industry. My little scientist absolutely loved this museum! Here she is sitting in the wheel (tire?) of a GIANT John Deere tractor thing-y. I'm very scientific, too, don't you think?

Sis and M are checking out some other displays explaining heat transfer.

In the Idea Factory, Sis was able to learn about science in a "hands on" way. Don calls this look her "Darla look." Darla says thank you.

Finally, here is our obligatory self-portrait. We loved the museum!
Now on to Navy Pier!


dulce de leche said...

So glad that you enjoyed it! You are both lovely--I always enjoy your pics. Ariana would love that museum, too.

Blessed Mama said...

Ha. I love the "Darla look." I think I get a similar look when I try to figure out science-y things. That is the best museum, though--I agree.