Thursday, April 9, 2009

My version of a candy bar and diet coke

I get the irony of drinking a diet coke with a candy bar. Or drinking a diet dr. pepper with a value meal with fries.

On another note, my family has always eaten their pancakes with peanut butter and syrup on them. So, here's my version of the diet coke/candy bar scenario:

That's natural peanut butter... you know, NO added sugar. As it says, What Peanut Butter Should Be.
Then there's syrup. Or my candy bar, so to speak. You know, the stuff that's MADE with sugar...

It's one of (my) life's little ironies. But I'm okay with it.

1 comment:

Blessed Mama said...

At least your syrup is "lite." That's better than a candy bar! I've been eating almond butter lately...not the same but pretty tasty.