Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So, do you want to hear about:

  • How I still can't see very clearly since my LASIK surgery?
  • How my back allofasudden went wacky on me last week where I could barely walk?
  • How apparently I have a herniated disc now?
  • How in the middle of all the back pain I broke out in a really high fever?
  • How I "fired" my doctor in the middle of all this and went back to my OLD doctor?
  • How now that my fever is gone I have a HUGE HONKING fever blister all over my top lip?


Can't say I blame you!!

I'll be back when I feel better!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chinese yo-yos + Friend = Fun

Fun + Someone with a camera recording it = THE MOST FUN EVER!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Party on, party people!

Here are some shots from Bub's 8th birthday party...

The Bounce House... yeah, the one that we thought we were going to have to cancel because it rained the entire morning of the party. The one that I had already put a deposit on, and did NOT want to cancel because it was the center of the party's entertainment. The one that I decided we were going to get anyway, because I prayed, and it was NOT GOING TO RAIN from 1-3 (party time). By the way, it started sprinkling at 3:05 p.m. God is good!

This cracks me up!!! On their own, some of the boys decided to play a little b-ball, shirts vs. skins. We're nothing if not CLASSY!!!

Then there was the Green Machine. ALWAYS a hit when kids are over... it's like a grown-up sized Big Wheel!

Two girls from Bub's class... as soon as they saw the camera, they started posing! Aren't they cute??

Bub and two of his wrestling buddies. Note that he still hasn't managed to put on his shirt yet, even though the game is long over... "I forgot!"

Just a little suburbia for you... check out our cadre of SUVs at the party.

For the first time ever, we just did cupcakes instead of a big cake. I prefer cupcakes (taste-wise) anyway. I did not, however, think through the logistics of a big "8" candle staying upright in a little bitty cupcake. Oh well. We made it work.

Opening cards and gifts... always a fun part!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby fever at the zoo

So, my bff from college, J, came in town this weekend for her sister's bridal shower. This was the first chance I've had to meet her baby, Baby P. So, the kids and I met them at the zoo Friday afternoon as soon as they got out of school (and I got off work). The day was BEAUTIFUL!!!

We got there, and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with Baby P (and I have a secret crush on his baby cousin, Baby C, too!!! He's also a doll!). And while Baby P tolerated me fawning all over him, he L.O.V.E.D. Bub and Sis. And the feeling was mutual!

Except for their cousins, I've never seen the kids act like this around a baby before. They did not leave his sight!!!

Here Bub is making him laugh by doing something to his arm (check out Baby P's cute wrap-around sunglasses).
At one point, Sis gave him a hug, and he practically leaped into her arms... so Sis (with a little help from J), got to hold him for a while. She was pretty proud.

The biggest argument of the day was who got to push the stroller... SO CUTE!

Baby P does NOT think Bub should get a hair cut... he likes it just fine!!! In fact, he couldn't leave it alone!

While Baby P's Aunt K was holding him, Sis was playing Peek-a-boo with him. I love how he smiles with his mouth wide open!

Now for a few non-Baby P shots (as much as it kills me!): Who's imitating who here???

For every special event in our lives, J and I have always gotten our pictures taken together since we've been friends. Sis took this one of us... it's bad lighting, but at least it's taken. **Since I'm post-LASIK, I still can't wear eye makeup, so it's amazing that I'm actually posting a picture of me during this 2-week timespan! But for the sake of BFF-ness, I'll get over it!**
So, I think we all got our baby fix for a while... til the next time we're around an adorable baby.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

8 ~ Ocho ~ Eight

In honor of Bub turning EIGHT yesterday (*sob* my baby's 8... I'll be in the corner crying now), I thought I'd list eight of the (many) things I love about my special guy.

1. I love his personality... he's got a tough guy (10-ft tall and bulletproof) persona, along with a cuddly, loving side. See? He's hugging his great-grandma with his spiky mohawk that we let him have for his 7th birthday. There's nothing better than cuddles from this guy!

2. His piercing blue eyes.

3. The way he NEVER sits still, except during cuddle time or while watching a movie he's never seen before. Otherwise, he watches TV in a wrestling stance, or on his head.

4. The way he memorizes EVERYTHING he sees on TV. EVERY. THING. He can quote commercials, lines from movies, and almost entire TV episodes. And songs. Especially songs from the TV... like movies. I've always said that he could memorize the entire Bible if someone would read it on DVD... I still may try that!

5. The way he prays. The boy can pray!!! His prayers every night really touch my heart!

6. His ability to make friends. I love that NEITHER of my kids are shy at all, although some might think that Bub is shy (compared to Sis). But he's not. I love how he takes interest in things his friends are interested in (did that even make sense?). For example, his best friend at school LOVES Nasc*r, so Bub has learned ALL about Nasc*r so he and E have stuff to talk about. I love that.

7. He loves to learn. Learn anything. Sports, academics, songs... he loves to learn it all. And he's excited to learn.
8. I love Bub because he's Bub. 'Nuff said. He brings something special into everyone's life that he touches. Because he's Bub.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUB!!!! This is the first post about you since you've turned 8!

P.S. What did the Zero say to the Eight? Nice Belt.

Here's what happens when you send a camera on a field trip with your 9 year old

After a day of stressing out that Sis was going to lose/drop/break my point-and-shoot camera on her field trip, she proudly came out of the school today with the camera intact. And full of pictures. And videos. VIDEOS??? Yup, she figured out how to shoot videos. I've not been brave enough to look at more than one of those yet...

So, the pictures were pretty much what one would expect when a 9-year-old has a camera... lots of silly pictures of her friends...

Pictures of pictures on the wall... (I was confused on this one until she told me it was a picture... I couldn't figure out why she took a picture of a stranger smoking!)
A picture of another picture... at least we are visiting here this summer, so it kind of make sense!
But in the midst of all the silly pictures and videos, she had some that I really liked. Hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The boys are back in town

So, while the girls were here, here, and here having a GREAT time, the boys were having a good time of their own. During the time that Bub was so sick, he missed the wrestling regionals tournament... and that was the ONLY time he cried the whole time he was in the hospital, when he realized he was going to miss that!

So, Don had already thought about taking him to a nationals tournament in Iowa (where the kids didn't have to pre-qualify), so they decided to go for sure.

Here are some pictures from THEIR trip (let it be noted that I begged and begged very nicely asked to get the "good" camera for my trip, so Don reluctantly generously took the point-and-shoot camera with him).

One of Bub's coaches wrestled in the Veteran's match, and won first place in his weigh class. Here the boys are admiring his plaque.
Don and Bub (I love this picture!)

Some of the boys and their coaches
*Notice the cool hand signals in all the pictures. Yeah, I don't know what it means either!

My version of a candy bar and diet coke

I get the irony of drinking a diet coke with a candy bar. Or drinking a diet dr. pepper with a value meal with fries.

On another note, my family has always eaten their pancakes with peanut butter and syrup on them. So, here's my version of the diet coke/candy bar scenario:

That's natural peanut butter... you know, NO added sugar. As it says, What Peanut Butter Should Be.
Then there's syrup. Or my candy bar, so to speak. You know, the stuff that's MADE with sugar...

It's one of (my) life's little ironies. But I'm okay with it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Girls Weekend - American Girl

As you may recall, Sis got Kit (her American Girl doll) for Christmas, and for the first time EVER, has enjoyed playing with a doll. So, the pinnacle of our weekend trip was to the American Girl Store. And let me tell you... WOW!

In a way, it reminded me of Disney, in that even if you were prepared NOT to like it, they make sure it's an EXPERIENCE for all who visit.

We started out with lunch in the Cafe. Kit got her own high chair and black/white dishes.
Our place setting and menu... everything was black/white and hot pink. The napkin holder was a ponytail holder that the girls could keep.

Look at this adorable dessert plate. In the flower pot was chocolate mousse. The food was EXPENSIVE, but very well done and delicious.

Sis and Kit: Notice Sis's hair... she insisted that her DeDe (grandmother) curl it under for the day, since that's how Kit's hair is fixed.

Here are all the American Girl highchairs at the entrance of the cafe. They also keep extra dolls in case a girl comes to eat that doesn't have her own doll with her.

The store was HUGE, and we explored every inch of it!
I asked Sis if she was interested in a photography session in the photo studio, but she said no thanks. "You take my picture all the time... you can take our photo." Awwww.....
But then I wouldn't STOP taking her picture, and she got annoyed.


Until I showed her how funny she looked!

What a fun day!