Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hospital Visit

So, I posted earlier a picture of Bub sleeping because he was sick. Well, let's just say it got scary before it got better! Saturday night at about 11:00, Bub got delirious. His words weren't making any sense, and his eyes were kind of rolling back in his head. SCARY!!!

Once we got him to the emergency room, we discovered that he was severely dehydrated, so he was admitted. Once he was admitted (after it seemed like a million tests), they diagnosed him with Rotavirus, which is highly contagious. So, then he was put on "isolation," which meant that anyone that came to visit had to wear a minimum of a gown and gloves. Although Don, Sis and I didn't wear one (they said we had already been exposed, so there was no point).

I went home on Friday to take a "real" shower and pick Sis up from school (I hadn't really seen her much), so I picked up my little point-and-shoot camera while I was home. Here are some pictures from the hospital:

Here's a "yummy" meal of Bub's: dry toast, sherbet, grape juice, and Gatorade.
One of Bub's nurses, Marcella, was great at letting the kids get comfortable with all the medical equipment. She took Sis's blood pressure and oxygen level, so Sis would understand all that was going on. She also let us play with the stethoscope, since it was an "isolation" piece of equipment, and they were going to throw it away once Bub left anyway (ie. it was cheap!).

This was the best sign that Bub was starting to feel better. He was kicking at me when I was teasing him about something (who knows what???). Before this, he wouldn't even acknowledge our teasing, so this was a good sign!

Sis playing with the stethoscope, while Aunt Liss (Aunt Yaya to my nieces) looks on.

Bub is checking out Aunt Liss's vitals.

And then mine...

Aunt Liss spent time in the hospital when she was a kid, so she had all kinds of fun ideas for Bub while was "stuck" in the hospital. Here he's playing with Papa and a water-filled latex glove that Aunt Liss made for him.

Bub wanted Dad to try.

Sis was a great big sister during this awful time. She finally tuckered out after a while... after being shuttled from house to house for the first few nights, she was exhausted!

Here's breakfast on our last morning in the hospital. I think on a GOOD day for him, this would be about 3x too much food for him! He's got crazy bed head, but you can tell by his smile that he's starting to feel better.
The last hour before they discharged him, they unhooked his IV (left the needle in just in case they needed to reattach it), so he could try standing up. This lasted about 5 minutes (excuse the weird lighting on his chin... there was a little crack in the curtain).

Here's how I spent the last day in the hospital... Thank goodness for WiFi!!!!

So, Bub was finally discharged yesterday about 3:30 p.m. Not soon enough for either of us! He was a little exhausted once he got home, but once he took a nap, he was a NEW boy!!! He said he felt human again! Last night, he and Don played Battleship (Bub stomped Don!), and he ate lots and lots of (boring) food. And most importantly, he's drinking a lot of fluids.
Here's hoping the rest of his recovery goes quickly. And here's hoping the rest of our week is boring and quiet! :)


Cale Simmons said...

Glad the little man is feeling better!

LissaLou said...

I'm so glad he's better! That was a scary few days, huh?! BTW, I look very serious where he's taking my vitals - think I was taking deep breaths so he could "hear" my lungs! :o)