Thursday, February 12, 2009

It finally happened!

So, Bub really loves to wrestle... I mean, REALLY! The thing that he DOESN'T like is to lose. Or more specifically, he doesn't like to NOT get a trophy or plaque. Or whatever the 1st place winner gets.

When he hasn't won in the past something REALLY good, tears have ensued. Don and I finally figured out that it was more about the goods than the win. So, Don told them that if he didn't throw a fit the rest of the season about not winning and still did his best, then he'd buy him a plaque at the end of the season (if he didn't win one of his own). So, that was the end of the tears.

Last Sunday, Bub had a 10 and under tournament. And it was a good day in Bub's wrestling world. He got 1st place!!! Yup, FIRST PLACE! And what a tournament to win first place at! He got an 18" high trophy, AND he got the bracket paper framed, AND there was an awards stand where the winner got to stand at the highest place for photo opportunities!

Oh, does he love that trophy! We stopped at Cracker Barrel afterwards and he took the trophy in with him. He kept it right by his side the whole time. And that night when we went to church, the trophy accompanied him. I even caught him licking it (he said he thought it might taste like cherries!). Here are a few shots of him on the winner's stand:


dulce de leche said...

Aww. Congratulations, Bub!

Blessed Mama said...

That's awesome!!!

granny2five said...

What fun! Do you remember all Jeff's bicycle racing trophies? Jordan had just as many, and they were priceless to them (at the time, anyway).

LissaLou said...

Like cherries, huh? But seriously, WAY TO GO, Bub!!! So proud of you!