Friday, February 6, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Right on Time!

Yup, I'm one day late again! Does it count if I THOUGHT about what I was thankful for on Thursday? No? Well, then...

1. I'm so very, very thankful that my grandmother is doing so much better. She had two heart attacks on Monday, and it was a frightening night as the medical professionals fought to get her stable. As of last night, she's off her vent and her balloon pump, has eaten two meals and starts physical therapy today. THANK GOD!

2. I'm thankful for my family. I say this one a lot, but it's true. I spent time with my mom's side of the family quite a bit this week (see #1), and I appreciate the love and support of all of them.

3. I'm thankful for my marriage. We celebrated our anniversary this week... 13 years!!! As my boss said, "What? He's put up with you that long???" Yup. He has. Lucky guy!

What are you thankful for?

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