Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

So, after a long, long, long, long absence, I've finally updated our church's young families blog... twice! You can see the rest of our Christmas extravaganza here. And here's an announcement about an upcoming movie night.


So, to get our Valentine's Day started with a bang, Don posted something to this effect on his status update on Facebook: Don thinks that if u show ur spouse how much u love them all year, u don't need a man made holiday. Wow, that caused an uproar on Facebook! :) We both had messages all day long!

The funny thing is that I don't mind NOT celebrating V-Day for a couple reasons: First of all, our anniversary was less than 2 weeks ago. That was celebration of our love. Secondly, I would rather spend the time/energy/effort on little special things for my kids. THAT'S what I remember about Valentine's Day when I was a kid, my parents making it special for us kids! So, we tend to make it more about them.

Although... Miss Cathy at church was nice enough to have a kids' night on Friday night. That gave us the opportunity to still have a "date night," it just wasn't a VALENTINE'S date night... 'cause we don't do that! :)

We did spend the evening with friends, though, on V-Day, and it was great fun! We had yummy food, and I'm sure the chocolate cherry cake and the chocolate fountain she had prepared was in NO way celebrating V-Day... it's just because she loves us!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well, whether or not YOU celebrate that man-made holiday!

We are in the midst of planning our summer vacation! We are planning a road trip out west. We've got some preliminaries nailed down, but now we start planning the specifics. I can't tell you how fun I think it is to go to the library, check out travel books, and make a PLAN!!!


Firecracker said...

My family took a 2 week road trip out west one year and had a blast. We stayed at a dude ranch for a couple of days. So much fun! We also went white water rafting. My brother works at a KOA resort/campground right by Mt. Rushmore. It's a great family friendly place if you're looking for places to stay with activities and $2 all you can eat pancakes! Happy planning!

Don Brown said...

if you show u spouse how much u love them all year u dont need a manmade holiday to generate revenue to do so.