Friday, October 23, 2009

Fashion Favorites for Fall

Aren't I alliterative???

So, fashion maven I'm not. But I DO love clothes. And some trends. Others, not so much. I don't spend lots of money on clothes/shoes/handbags because I just can't... It's almost compulsive to HAVE to find a bargain! For me to pay full price/designer price is INCONCEIVABLE!


There are certain things that I *do* like! So when I can't think of anything else to blog about when I feel led, I'm going to focus on certain fashion trends that I'm currently loving.

Today's trend(s): Patterned tights with or without peeptoe pumps. Or even unpatterned tights. I think tights are fun, they can change an entire outfit's look and they're a CHEAP way change it up!

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LissaLou said...

My new favorite outfit this season is my end-of-season purchase last year (gray sweater dress) with some cute black sweater (patterned) tights I found, and my black boots!