Monday, October 26, 2009

An epic day of football

So, I got free tickets to an NFL game through my job, so we planned a family fun day for this last Sunday. Unfortunately, Don got sick and wasn't able to go with us, but my brother (Uncle B) was willing to fill in.

Here is Uncle B with Sis and Bub as we were headed up to our (nosebleed) seats.
Uncle B and Sis watching the game intently (see how close to the top we are???)

We did have a good birds-eye view from up at the top, though!

Very blurry, but I thought it was funny that Sis brought her notebook and pencil with her so she could draw during the game.

Bub and me.

Uncle B explaining the finer poings of football to Bub (who LOOOOOVED being there)
I might add that it WASN'T an epic day of football, per se... it's just that with Bub having his first thrilling experience with an NFL game, then it became an epic day of football for him! He'll always remember yesterday's experience!

*Photos not taken with my regular camera... they're with my iPhone, so the quality isn't quite "normal." I did take my good camera... I just am too lazy to download them quite yet to the computer.*

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LissaLou said...

That is a GREAT picture of the two it! Looks lime you all had a good time.