Monday, March 30, 2009

It's gonna get fun!

So, I've got nothing... absolutely nothing to say these days. Thus the "no blogging" thing I've apparently got going.

But coming up... boy-oh-boy, is it going to be fun!

This weekend while Don takes Bub to a big wrestling thing-y (a definite boys trip, right?), Sis, my mother-in-law and I are going to Chicago. I am so excited! And a reservation has been made at a certain vortex store that may have girls that are American there. And no one is excited at all... NOT!

Then the whole following week is SPRING BREAK, BABY! But, uh, no plans have been made yet at this point. But I'm SURE we'll do something... We'll just figure it out after this weekend. Really!

Then the FOLLOWING week is Bub's birthday. He's going to be 8. That's SO OLD! Then he gets a birthday party that next weekend. It'll be crazy insanity fun!!!

So, watch for lots and lots of pictures!!!

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dulce de leche said...

Sounds like some wonderful celebrations are in store (pun intended). I hope that you have a fantastic time, and I'm looking forward to the pics!