Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bridal Fashion Show

So, my cousin, Little Miss Sunshine, is getting married this summer. Last Saturday, the girls in our family had a bridal shower for her. While I almost ALWAYS hate shower games, I have to admit that the one we did on Saturday was fun (maybe it was who was there, maybe it was the game, who knows?). We had two pieces of white tissue paper (not white tissue, ie. kleenexes... that caused some confusion when I told someone the story earlier), and tape. That's it. Then we had to make our very best wedding veil, and Little Miss Sunshine had to vote on her favorite.

But our family isn't like most families. We weren't satisfied with just showing our creations off. Nope. That wasn't good enough. We had to do a fashion show. Including the blaring music. And the applause. And the cat-whistles... well, maybe that doesn't happen at a real fashion show. What do I know??? I live in the midwest!!

Here are some pictures of our creations... and no, mine is NOT a pirate bridal veil. I was trying to re-create mine, which was a pillbox hat. I finally gave in to the fact that it looked pirat-ish and just said "AARRGGHH, MATEY" the rest of the day! These aren't all the veils (apparently I was enjoying the show too much to get pictures of everyone!).

As Heidi Klum would say: Enjoy the show.
Here's R1 with her and her sister's R2's creation.

Sis went for the traditional look.

S and her mom made this creative veil. Simplicity is the key, right girls?

Aunt S and her bow-tiful veil!

Little Miss Sunshine's BFF with her bow-tastic version.

Here's C with a veil that looks a LOT like her original!

Sorry, Grandma, I caught you mid-gumchew!!! Her veil had the apron look.

Here's the winner of the contest... and J only used 1 piece of tissue paper! She got "green" points, too!

J's artistic version...

Up close and personal with J and me.


Blessed Mama said...

So fun! I'm glad you got pictures! I hate forgetting my camera at such fun events. I love our family!

LissaLou said...

Oh, stink! I'm so sad that I missed it. How fun!