Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has arrived!!!!

Or has it???

It HAS been a bit warmer, but I went outside today to check it out. Here's what I found: trees that still have dead leaves on them.
Firewood still in the caddy... we just had a fire in the fireplace LAST WEEK!

But there are SOME signs of spring, at least for us. Our house and yard contain endless projects. Last fall we laid a new concrete driveway, so now we've just added dirt to the sides... SEE? We would only do that in the SPRING!

And we now have block to build up a small wall (it will be covered in stone) that we're putting...

... here in the circle in front of the house. See? It's seeming more spring-like already! Because after the wall is built... LANDSCAPING!

And look!!! There's dried mud on Don's crocs! That's a DEFINITE sign!

But that still didn't seem like enough! Until I saw this!!!
It's GREEN!!!!!!

Happy first day of spring!!!!

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Blessed Mama said...

Ha ha. Cute! It's coming, it's coming. Wait...maybe it's here?