Saturday, March 21, 2009

The future John Grisham and Stephenie Meyers??

Our school district (and the state, too, I guess) have a Young Author's program that they offer. The kids can write books, turn them in to the school. The winners out of each school go on to a county competition, then a state competition as well. Before 3rd grade, participation is optional. Therefore, my children have not participated (lazy mom, remember???). But since Sis is in 3rd grade this year and HAD to participate, Bub decided to go ahead and write a book as well.

So, my kids didn't win. It was oh-so-sad. NO IT WASN'T!!! Because here's the deal... all who participate in the school writing contest are "invited" to a weeknight presentation of awards. BUT IF THEY WIN, they have to go to OTHER presentations, too (the county's version, the state's). This is NOT my cup of tea. Or coffee. Or diet pepsi. AT. ALL. Nor is it Don's.

But the kids... there was NO QUESTION that Don and I were taking them to the school's presentation! They were PUMPED! So, I put on my big-girl attitude (I was going to say "panties," but I didn't want to gross you out), AND pulled out my big ol' camera so it LOOKED like I was really into it. Appearances are 90% of reality, you know. No, they aren't. I just made that up.

So, I took pictures. See?

Look how excited my children look... and a bit angelic, too. They were so proud of how much they "looked like they loved each other" for this one.

Here's Bub and his book "Getting Along." He dedicated it to Martin Luther King, Jr. I thought maybe he'd dedicate it to me, but NOPE. Oh well... maybe Sis will.

Here's Sis and her book: "Write to the White House." She was really distressed about who to dedicate her book to. I reminded her of my c-section scar on my stomach ALL BECAUSE OF HER. Nope, that didn't work. She instead dedicated it to my should-be-an-author-and-probably-will-be-someday sister, Aunt Sissy. WHATEVER.

Here's Sis with her class in front of the audience. Notice the faux side bangs. It's her latest obsession... getting side bangs. So we just fake it. She constantly swiped at them so everyone in the audience wouldn't miss that she has SIDE BANGS!
Here's Bub and the 2 other boys in his class that participated. No faux side bangs here... just ordinary too-long bangs.

See? I care!!!! I even blogged about the whole miserable painful exciting experience!


Blessed Mama said...

Awww...Aunt Sissy would have been all over the competition and presentations. Thanks for the confidence, Sis, although there's a good chance you'll be published before I will!

Don Brown said...