Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maybe Macaroni???

When Don and I were first married and living in Kentucky, we had dinner with a girl I worked with at the mall. She went on and on (and on and on, etc) about a new song that was out. She couldn't remember the name of it, but she was pretty sure it was called "Ah, Margarita."

Don and I just looked at each other. "Ah Margarita?" Could she be thinking of an OLD song... maybe by Jimmy Buffett? Like Margaritaville? No, it was brand new and it was called "Ah Margarita." Then she started singing... in a really high-pitched voice, she just kept singing "Ah Margarita."

We couldn't stop laughing at her... really? This is a GOOD song???

Then she got all excited. We were at Applebee's eating, and it came on the overhead music that was playing there. Don and I listed as best we could over the noise of the restaurant. I told her I wasn't sure what they were saying, but I was pretty sure it wasn't "Ah Margarita."

And that was the first time I heard "The Macarena." Too bad it wasn't the last.

And now (years later), my kids have joined the Macarena club. If there is a club. Is there? Because I need to revoke their membership if there is!

Anyhoo, here they are in their wordless rendition of THE MACARENA!


Blessed Mama said...

Cute! They just need some music to rock out to. Love the side bangs, btw.

Kim said...

They sure do have that booty shakin' down! Too cute!