Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Photographic Recap

So, what better way to re-cap 2008 than by pictures (at least, in MY mind!). Enjoy this trip down the memory lane of the past year!

We had one big snow at the beginning of the year... Don, Sis and Bub built themselves a big ol' snowman.

In February, I got my very first baby nephew! He's adorable! And check out that sad hair I was sporting that day!

In March, I had to go to Phoenix for work, so the family joined me. Here we are at a Spring Training baseball game. It was a fun trip!

April was Bub's birthday. All he REALLY, REALLY wanted was a mohawk. So, we let him have one for the weekend of his birthday. It was quite the hit... with the grandparents, the great-grandparents and at church!!! hee. He was very sad when the weekend was over, and we finished off the haircut!

May 16th was a monumental day... it was both of my sisters' birthdays, my oldest younger sister (make sense?) graduated with her master's degree, and I got my hair cut off! :)

In the summer, I started my blog. Woo hoo! We also went to the Illinois State Fair. Great fun! And I got quite the education about cows, if you'll recall! :) The kids are fascinated here with all that goes on to get cows ready for "showing."
What marks the end of the summer for our family is our town's annual "Homecoming" each Labor Day weekend. We enjoy the rides (well, the kids do... you couldn't PAY Don and I to ride them, except for the Ferris Wheel), the friends, and the FOOD!

September was a busy month!!! After the Homecoming, we went to Florida with a lot of friends! I posted too many times to link to that trip! This probably isn't the best picture from a photography standpoint, but I like how it has all the kids (except one) all fascinated by the same thing (who knows what???).
September also had a niece's birthday (I must have not taken my camera that day!), and then Sis's birthday. She turned 9. And she had quite an art party!

October (I didn't mean to go month-by-month... it just seems to be working out mostly that way!) held Halloween and our annual church bonfire. As you'll recall, the theme this year was Redneck. I think this picture says it all. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that we have the kind of friends that will get into a theme or a party with complete abandonment!!! It makes it fun... and fun to blog about!
This beautiful picture (and many others...) were taken by my friend Becca who has a photography business. I love how she captured my kids' natural expressions. You can contact Becca for your own photography session (shameless plug, isn't it???) at www.kellerphotography/ This is probably my favorite picture of 2008. And I didn't even take it.
In November, my other niece had a birthday. And it was a Fancy Nancy theme. Which (you'll find this hard to believe) my family RAN with. We were fancy, fancy, fancy!

This last picture is from Christmas morning. I have posted lots of pictures from Christmas already (and I haven't even gotten to Christmas day or beyond yet!), but I love this picture. In the craziness of opening gifts, flitting from one party and place to another, this is what matters to me on a holiday: Being with those you love.

I hope you had a wonderful 2008! As I face a new year, I always look back before I can look forward. What did I do well in 2008? What could I have done better? What did I learn in 2008? Did I make a difference in 2008?

And now on to 2009 resolutions... :)

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