Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You Might Be a Redneck - Part 2

So, as I mentioned earlier, while not EVERYONE dressed up for the Redneck bonfire, there were some who represented the rednecks well (or not!). What came up frequently as we were discussing our outfits was how MOST of the stuff in our "costume" was our real clothes. It's all in how you put it together, I guess.

I thought I'd start you off with the prettiest picture of the night... the fall decorations on our front porch.
Sis looked more Western and cute than redneck, so I encouraged her to put on makeup... and as much as she wanted. You can't see from this picture, but the look we were going for was achieved!

Here's Bub and his friend, A, by the basketball court.

OK. Take a deep breath.

You're about to experience the first view of my "look."


Here we go!!!

So, what exactly goes into a look like this, you might ask? Let's start with the hair... I dried it parted in the middle, then put a few braids in it here and there to take out later for the "frizzy" look. I curled my "bangs" under, then put mascara in all my roots showing to make my roots black.

Makeup, you ask? The eye makeup is all Sis's... from Disney. And boy, does it stay on for a LONG time! Then some bright blush, and no other makeup at all completes the look.

The dragon tattoo on my neck and the skull/crossbones on my chest (not pictured above) are courtesy of Spencer's.

My shirts were already in my closet. The too-tight leggings? Goodwill. But they just weren't obnoxious enough! So what to add to the look????

The eggshell stuff that you put on mattresses, THAT'S what!!!

Here's a closeup of the classy tattoo on my neck... yup, that's the lens cap of the camera in my mouth! Didn't think THAT was gonna show up!

Here I am with a redneck I found... just kidding... it's just Don!

So, when the party started, the first few people who showed up did NOT dress up... or they just dressed Western... which was also cute. Then my friend, Cathy, showed up and took over the redneck award. What do you think???

There were so many hilarious details to her outfit... her "tattoo" on her leg said I "heart" Bob (crossed out), Billy (crossed out), This Guy. I think the picture says more than I ever could!!!

Here we are together!!!

Here's Gillian. She looked like the rednecks that live around us... her shirt said, "You Mess with Me, You Mess with the WHOLE Trailerpark!"

The came Kevin and Kristin. They could possibly be my preppiest friends. They came as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth!

Here's my lovely sister. Her "Flo" wig, the lipstick on the teeth, and the black bobby socks with "thong" sandals on were key to her redneck look!

Not pictured was the shotgun wedding family, and lots of other John Deere/plaid shirts/bandanna/camouflage looks.... which are all looks that my immediate family wears/embraces. I think that's the bottom line... although we went EXTREME for this party, I think I just MIGHT be a redneck!!!


Blessed Mama said...

Great pictures. I think Gillian wins the "authentic" award, Kathy wins the "embraced the character" award, and Kevin and Kristin win the "best couple" award. Your award might be "best redneck butt." :)

Thanks for only showing my face, btw.

granny2five said...

Too cute. I love that Bounty Hunter guy and his woman. Some of them really got into the spirit of the event, that's for sure.

LissaLou said...

Wow. Your friends (and family) go all out! We'll have to make it one of these years. :o)