Friday, October 31, 2008

Mixed emotions about Halloween

Theoretically, I want to LOVE Halloween with my kids... the trick-or-treating, the coming up with cute costumes, the excitement of seeing other friends dressed up.

The REALITY, however, is that I really do NOT have fun! The whining because they're cold/tired/hungry (hello??? see all the candy?)/etc. is no fun. Neither is the whining by their dad (or any other dad that may happen to be around!).

The other downside for me is that we live WAY out in the country, so we have to drive to wherever we're going to trick-or-treat. Which means that at least PART of the costume comes off, never to be put back on again the rest of the night.

And... I believe I've mentioned REPEATEDLY how I am a lazy mom (remember my dead tomato plant I used as decorations at Sis's birthday party?), and I like it that way. Halloween goes against every "lazy mom" intentions that I have! There is NOTHING lazy about Halloween!

But guess what? I do it all anyway.


Because, even though one might think that my kids are MISERABLE, the fact is that they really enjoy it. All of it. The dressing up. The trick-or-treating. The candy. The seeing other friends dressed up.

And there is ONE bonus for me... Bub doesn't like chocolate and is allergic to nuts... that means I get all the Reese's Peanut Butter cups I want. Mmmmmm.....

Happy Halloween!

**these are pictures from other years (some not even Halloween!). Tonight's "looks" will be posted later.


granny2five said...

I think there's something subversive about your motives! (Sounds like one of your Aunt S's.)

LissaLou said...

Hmmm...I'm glad people generally have children one at a time. After reading your blog & seeing the chaos at our other sis's last night, I wonder how you guys do it sometimes.

Eric's Wife said...

I am also a lazy Mom. It is why I wear aprons. They inspire me to at least make the lazy look purposeful. :)