Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monkeying around

So, the kids were "stuck" in the car for a bit of time yesterday afternoon as we ran errands. They had some of Sis's stuffed monkeys with them (they're all a family, according to her) that we had picked up from another location. So they started playing "monkey house" with them.

The monkey kids (the twin boys, both played by Bub) had just been at school. Only one returned home, so Mama Monkey (played by Sis) wanted to know where the other brother was.

Sis: Where is your brother?

Bub: He got a suspension at school.

Sis (whispering to Bub): No, not a suspension. He got a detention!

Bub: He got a detention at school.

Sis: Oh, he's getting a spit bath when he gets home!

Bub (muttering quietly like a teenage boy): Yeah, like THAT'S a surprise!

Sis: What did you say, Mister?

Bub (sweetly? sarcastically?): I said, Yes, Mother, I thought that he would probably get a spit bath when he returned.


Blessed Mama said...

LOL. They crack me up! I love kids' imaginations!

LissaLou said...

That is hilarious! Did that sound familiar at all? (Minus the part about the spit bath?) :o)