Friday, January 16, 2009

Home sweet home!

Yesterday was so cold outside that the kids didn't have school (as a matter of fact, it was canceled today as well!). As I mentioned in the last post, Don has the flexibility to work from home sometimes, so he stayed home with the kids. After a stressful day at work, I was thrilled to come home to my HOME SWEET HOME!

Here is what I came home to:

A nice warm, toasty fire in the fireplace...

A sleeping angel (that just NEVER happens!)

A reading angel!
And the biggest thing of all!!!
Are you ready for it???
I'm not sure I was...
Here it is!!!


Lots and lots of laundry. Although it IS clean! My sweet hubby did loads and loads of laundry while at home. He doesn't, however, fold or put away...

Need a close-up??? Well, here you go!!!

So, while the kids and I caught up on this week's episodes of &merican Ido!, guess what I did???
But I was warm, and with my precious family. So, I'm over it!
p.s. Excuse all the crazy pictures. I'm still playing with my new Photoshop Elements. It's hard!!! But I'm slowly figuring out how to be annoying with my photographs (like the vignettes!).

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