Thursday, January 8, 2009

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours

Thank you for your reading suggestions... I'm so excited to go blog hunting (kind of like wabbit hunting) and check out all your suggestions.

In the spirit of all things fair and equal, I though I'd share some (but not all) of the blogs I like to read... not counting those that I list on the side of my page. By the mere fact that this is not an exhaustive list, one might think that all I do is sit around and read blogs. Nope. I also check facebook updates. ha!

Here are some of my favorite blogs (who, by the way, don't even know I exist... I just secretly stalk them!):

6YearMed - she's a medical intern who has some fascinating (and sometimes heartbreaking) stories to tell

Big Mama - I just like her

Ministry So Fabulous! - a single girl who has started an awesome ministry for young girls all the way to college age. She's a good mix of funny, silly, sincere, and real. And she's obsessed with her hair!

My Charming Kids - I found her from Bring the Rain... she has 4 kids 4 yrs old and younger. She intimidates me by how organized she is, but yet she's also real.

Quiet Life - I love, love, love her photography skills. And she's interesting.

The Country Doctor's Wife - This lady cracks me up. Although we like completely different books (she does some used book giveaways... I've not signed up for one yet).

Ali's African Adventures - She's been in Africa with Mercy Ships, medical ships that dock in 3rd world countries to give medical treatment and Jesus' love to the natives of those countries. She's home now and hasn't updated as much, but I'd highly recommend going through her blog archives.

If y'all think of any more I might like, keep 'em coming!!!


Joanne Whatever said...

In spite of the fact that I should be hacking away at the gazillion stacks of paper on my desk, I got sucked into reading Ministry So Fabulous! for the first time. She sounds so endearing; I think if I knew her in real life, I would want to be friends with her and borrow all her styling tools.

Busy Momma said...

Glad I could provide you your Friday morning distraction!!!