Friday, January 23, 2009

Taking a step back in time

Yesterday, I went to lunch with my WBFFs (Work BFF's) to a local diner that I'd never been to before. My friend, J, who knows EVERYONE in town, kept telling T and I how great the home-cooked food was. So, T went with her a few weeks ago, but yesterday was my first time. When I first walked in, I was struck by how "retro" it was... until I realized it wasn't retro, it was ALL original... from the FIRST time the look was in style!

I was struck by the charm, though. I instantly loved it. Then I heard a LOUD phone ring. It was a pay phone! Yup, a real, honest-to-goodness pay phone! AND they used it to have customers call in their to-go orders!!! I didn't have my camera with me, but I couldn't resist sneaking in some pictures with my camera on my phone.

They had a REAL milk machine, like I used to see at restaurants when I was a kid.
Metal topped bars, and the metal bar stools.

And... are you ready??? WHITE BREAD. Not wheat. Not whole grain. Not dinner rolls. Or even French bread. Just plain ol' white bread! T and I couldn't make ourselves eat it, though.

Jukeboxes were at each booth... I always wished I could convince people to all play the different jukeboxes simultaneously!

When we left, the very sweet owners gave each of us our own pack of Juicy Fruit (there were no free refills on soda, but the packs of gum were free!), and the woman asked if she would see us back for lunch tomorrow???
This is my new favorite place for lunch!

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How fun! What's it called?