Thursday, January 1, 2009

Date Night

The other night, Sis asked Don to take her on a date, so Bub and I decided to go on a date ourselves! Bub had wrestling practice, so Sis and I met the boys at the wrestling facility to make the "trade-off" of kids. None of us had any idea yet where we were going.

Once it was just Bub and me, I told him he needed to decide where we were going. He decided on &pplebees. Well, allrighty then! I was secretly terrified he was going to pick Booger King, so I was thrilled!

Funny thing, though... guess who ELSE chose &pplebees? You guessed it! Don and Sis were across the restaurant from us! We did pretty well ignoring each other the majority of the night, though!

Here are some highlights of the night:
  1. Bub kept getting distracted during dinner by a football game and a hockey game showing on the TVs. I told him it really WAS like a date with him sneaking a look at the football game!

  2. We then went to G&mestop for Bub to look at video games and play video games as long as he wanted... definitely fun for him... not so much for me!

  3. We got slushies at the local convenience store... our favorite place for slushies!

  4. We hurried to beat Dad and Sis home so we could do guitar battles on Guit&r Hero &erosm!th.
It was a great date!

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LissaLou said...

Awww, you're such a good mom! This makes me think of when Dad used to take us out on date nights (or breakfasts).