Saturday, May 16, 2009

You say it's your birthday? Well, it's her birthday, too! And hers!

So, today is both my sisters' birthdays! But they're not twins! They are six years apart. And one of them is 30 today! And the other one is either 6 years older, or 6 years younger. And our brother is the only still in his 20's. I'll let you figure that one out! ;)

So, I thought I'd throw a few pictures of my sisters in here. You can go to Elissa's blog here or Christy's blog here to wish them a Happy Birthday! Love you both!
*The sisters a few summers ago*
*At Christy's Master's Degree graduation last year*

*Christy at my cousin's bridal shower with her homemade veil*

*Elissa and Christy*

*Elissa swordfighting with Bub at Christmas... she looks a little scared, doesn't she?*

*Beautiful Elissa*

*Beautiful Christy (and Little Buddy)*

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dulce de leche said...

Wonderful photos! You are just an extremely good-looking family!