Monday, May 11, 2009

I hit the mother-load!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! For the first time (probably) EVER, I didn't see my mother on Mother's Day this year because Don, the kids and I were out of town for the weekend with friends. And while I hated to not see MY mom, what a great weekend! It was filled with shopping, food, fun, and lots of laughter. What more could you ask for (except maybe a handbag... and I got that too!!!)?

Some highlights of the weekend:

  • Did I already mention shopping? How about sales at an outlet mall?
  • Too much coffee too late at night... HYPER!!!
  • Watching the kids fish on the dock
  • Staying in my pajamas until 2:00 pm on Mother's Day, WHILE the guys fixed us mamas an AWESOME brunch and served it to us on the screened-in porch overlooking the lake
  • I don't believe I've mentioned SHOPPING yet. That was fun.
  • Getting our friends as addicted to the game Rummikub as Don and I are becoming.
  • Hearing about how fun the kids had swimming while the moms went... wait for it... SHOPPING.
  • Don and I climbing in bed with Bub (he climbs in bed with us almost every morning), and waking him up like he usually does us. He loved it!
  • Making the kids tell me Happy Mother's Day every time they talked to me. (I'd say "Happy" and they'd have to finish it)
  • Oh. And guess what? I went shopping!


LissaLou said...

No pictures of the new handbag? Glad you had a good time, but we missed you on Sunday.

Blessed Mama said...

Yes, we DID miss you. Sounds like a great time, though! Coffee, shopping, and fishing. Awesome.