Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nature Hike

Yesterday, I went on the spring field trip with Bub. We went on a nature-ish field trip, where we went on a hike, "got" to get creatures out of the pond with a net to look at in a microscope, do a craft, and then do some "field day" sort of games.

I, being one who prides myself on taking pictures, FORGOT MY CAMERA. So, all these lovely photos are from my camera on my phone. High quality??? Nope.

Bub is right in front of me... notice how EVERYONE is looking on the ground. We're looking for some kind of critters/leaves/anything that helps us mark stuff off our scavenger hunt list.

Like this lovely creature. I have NO idea what it is... but I know we were told not to touch it or it would sting us... that was enough information for me!

If only Bub's hair wasn't in his eyes, you could see his fascination with whatever they're looking at.

They're looking at some kind of leaves. Or critters. Or something. I was paying SUCH close attention, can't you tell?

Their class photo overlooking the river. Bub is in the front middle (all in rock-and-roll black).

Here's one of the "field day" games they were playing. Bub's class was against the other 2nd grade class with us. They were supposed to sit on each other's laps for as long as possible. THAT didn't last very long! Bub is about the 6th one from the left in the closest classroom line.
So, nature's not really my thing, and I was prepared to be completely bored. But I was pleasantly surprised on how fun the day actually was. And Bub LOVED that I came along. And really... isn't that all that really matters???
Happy Thursday!

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