Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bright Spots and Randomness

So, as you can tell from my last post, I was a mess for a while. Sick, hurt, sad, and mad... all rolled into one fever-blister-covered ball. LOVELY!!!

But now that I'm out of my drug medicine-induced fog, I would like to highlight some bright spots in the last few weeks.

  • My family... they were all so sweet taking care of me. The kids, especially, cracked me up, even in my pain. Bub would rub my face (you know, to help my back), and Sis would not let me EVER walk by myself if she was around. She insisted that I keep my arm around her shoulders for support. And Don rocked.
  • My family... the extended version, too! Everyone called, texted, emailed, FB-messaged... to make sure I was doing okay.
  • Friends... see above.
  • My Dad specifically... oh my goodness. That poor man!!! He got to take care of me on my MOST pitiful day, when I was a WRECK! The day I woke up with a high fever, then I had to go get an MRI. He's the one who took me to get my valium, took me to get my MRI, and was patiently waiting in the waiting room. That is, until the tech came and got him because I couldn't stop crying (claustrophobic much?). He literally stuck his head into the machine with me (it was an open MRI... and yes, I was still claustrophobic), and talked to me the entire time, so I wouldn't be scared. I guess the job of a parent is never over!
  • The Michael W Smith/Stephen Curtis Chapman concert... my mom, sisters and I had had tickets for our "girls night out" for months, and I didn't let a little thing like a herniated disc stop me (just slow me down a bit). What a great night! You can see a picture from our night here.


So, I'm doing much better now, so I'm going to quit focusing on "what ails me." But I didn't want to completely move on until I could point out these bright spots.


Baseball practice started last night for Bub (and for Don, since he's coaching)... I'm so excited!


I'm addicted to my fruit salad I made of cantaloupe, red grapes, and strawberries. YUM!!!


We're going out of town for the weekend... and will be REALLY close to an outlet mall. Can't you just FEEL how the Coach Outlet and Mother's Day weekend seem to flow together so well???

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dulce de leche said...

Lots of hugs to you! Sorry about the awful time you had. I hope this week is much, much better! :)