Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stop the Clock!!!

Do you ever wish time would stop? Even just for a little while, so you could enjoy just where you are???

I'm feeling that way right now with my kids... they are both at such a fun age. Bub is wrestling now (post to come later about this), and LOVING it!!!
And Sis, well, what can I say... she's just really growing up before my eyes! I'm enjoying it on one hand, but it makes me sad on the other. It seems like just yesterday she had a little squeaky little-girl voice...

As part of her growing up, I let her go on my "girls day out" shopping trip last Saturday with my mom, my sisters and me. She's been begging to go on our quarterly "girls nights out" to dinner for the past year or so. We've decided to let the younger girls join us on those when they turn 12. So this was like a "practice run" for her.

To say she was SO EXCITED would be an understatement. And while she was exhausted by the end (we all were, actually!), she did great!

The highlight for her:

Had to be the *Starbuzz* at the beginning of the day... Peppermint Hot Chocolate!!! What a grown up thing to do!!!

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