Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh, the Blogging Irony

Why is it when I have plenty of time to blog, I have to make up embellish search for things to talk about, but when I filled up my camera's memory card with pictures, I have no time to blog???

Oh, the delicious irony. Although not as delicious as the cookies the kids and I made over the holidays. But that's a whole other blog. With artful, fun pictures to accompany.

So, prepare yourselves for lots and lots of holiday blogs... all at once (practically).

But first, here is a short synopsis of our holiday:

1. The kids made up their own games one night... Sis's was called "The Family Wirdo," which was her spelling of Weirdo. We all had to fill out ballots on who we thought the weirdest person in our family was, then we all got to call the winner "Weirdo" the rest of the night. Don won by a landslide. The kids had GREAT FUN calling him Weirdo without fear of repercussions! We also had a dance contest and a drawing contest... NONE OF WHICH I WON. I think Bub felt bad for me, because he whispered to me: "Mom, what are you good at? We can have a game about THAT!"

2. At my mom's side of the family Christmas, we had a kids' talent show, much like the one we had at Thanksgiving. Sis didn't feel good, so didn't participate. Bub's talent? Pulling his tooth in front of all of us. He made my cousin run out of the room gagging. Good times.

3. Watching Sis's face when she opened her new sewing machine. I was so excited!!! She. was. not. More like confused... like, this is my big gift??? I said, "remember saying you wanted to learn to sew this year?" Her response: "Can't we just borrow someone else's?" She felt better about it when she realized it wasn't her only big gift... :) Oh, the honesty.

4. Mostly the kids. My kids. My sister's kids. My cousins' kids. Kids always make Christmas fun!!!

More details to follow!!!

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