Thursday, December 4, 2008

Black Friday

Wow, this is the 3rd post I've done today!!! I've had nothing to say for so long, and now the words are just SPILLING out!

So, the day after Thanksgiving, I did my annual Black Friday shopping trip with my sisters. It used to include my mom as well, but her current job doesn't allow her to have that day off. :(

So, Liss and I were supposed to meet at 7:00... we both ended up there at 7:30 instead. hee. Then Christy met us later that morning after she fed Little Buddy.

Christy and Liss really didn't have a lot of shopping to do... they were practically done. I, on the other hand, had not bought ONE. SINGLE. THING. YET. Nope. Not one. So, I had a lot of work to do.

Unfortunately, I found way more things for me than anyone else... isn't that the way it goes? But we had a GREAT time. And apparently turtlenecks are all the rage again (which works out well for me since my neck is ALWAYS cold with this new haircut!). Here's Christy trying one on at the Gap... apparently this one is for a giraffe!!!

Here's to keeping our necks warm this winter!

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LissaLou said...

LOL. I guess I was in my own fitting room trying on my too-small purple sweater at the time. So, let's see, was this a "holiday" sweater or not? ;o)