Monday, December 29, 2008

I feel like I can join the club now...

The "I bake cookies at Christmas with or without my kids" club. I've never been eligible before... until now.
I really like to cook. But baking is another thing. Meaning, not MY thing. But I decided that my kids and I could have fun baking cookies now that they're a little older. So we began... We started with cutout cookies.
Then we used egg yolks with food coloring (idea courtesy of Pioneer Woman) to "paint" the cookies before we baked them.

Once they were baked and cooled, we made icing to decorate the cookies even more (and sweeten them up even more!!!).

You like the rainbow giant gingerbread guy? I think Bub's cookie rocks! He was the "chosen one" left for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Then after making chocolate cookie dough to put in the fridge, Don and the kids started making cake balls to freeze, then dip into melted chocolate.

Finally, Don did a taste test of the cutout cookies to make sure they were edible.... I think they passed with flying colors!
Hope your Christmas was filled with lots of sugary goodness!

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