Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A new look

So, as you may remember, my office was flooded while we were in Florida. So, since that time, I've gone basically without a floor. I mean, I have had a sub-floor kind of thing, but it's not a real floor. I had carpet that was gross to start with, then after the flood, they pulled it up. So, it's been a bright yellow sub-floor with writing all over it that I've lived with since them.

So, today I got a new floor.

It's an industrial-looking, brown, construction-grade tile, but it's still a new floor. And I got new baseboard.

It's amazing how different my office looks and feels now. It makes me notice that I need to water my plants.

It feels more professional.

So much more so that maybe I'll step it up and wear makeup to work tomorrow.

Probably not...

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