Wednesday, January 13, 2010

December Fun for all

So, I know I've talked about how much I dislike certain kids' activities in the past, but the one thing I really enjoy is the children's Christmas program at our church. Probably because I know most of the kids, so it makes it funnier and more fun fun(ner) to watch.

The kids were in the big kids' program (can I just say that it hit me this year that I not only have kids in the big kids' program, but that they are among the oldest in that group... AAK!!!). I think the program was called Angel Alert, but I'm not positive... suffice it to say it was about angels.

Sis had the first solo of the program. She did a good job! Unfortunately, this is the only decent shot I got of Sis because I couldn't seem to get enough light on the choir.

Bub and another boy were the surfer angels.... because, you know, I'm sure there are surfer angels. Right? Bub (and all the kids, actually) did spectacularly with their lines and solos. I was so proud!

This is one of my favorite shots of the night. The program was over, but the "stars" were still on stage when our pastor came to the stage to close in prayer. Here Bub is bowing his head and folding his hands in prayer... love it!

After the show, we got some shots of the kids. Here they are with their cousins, R & S.

Angelic, really... wouldn't you say?

Some other shots of the night:

Don, my sweet Grandpa, and my uncle

The two surfers monkeying around...

All in all, a great night. And I had nothing parent-wise to even complain about! :)
More, way-behind Christmas memories/photos to come...

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