Thursday, January 14, 2010

Deck the Halls (and closets)

So, I've not talked much about my resolutions goals mottoes for 2010 yet (cuz I'm still catching up with Christmas stuff), but I'll give you a sneak peek into one of mine: simplify! That's my goal...

So jumping ahead (cuz it was still technically 2009, and it wasn't required until 1/1/2010 to be a 2010 motto, right?), I decided to simplify in my Christmas decorating this year.

For a couple of reasons.

First of all, we've decided to sell our house (another story for another time), and I didn't want to over-decorate just in case someone came to see the house. Secondly, I'm lazy... I believe I've mentioned that before.

But I DID decorate... I just put out some stuff... and made sure it was stuff I really loved having out at Christmastime. Like my big tree. Normally I put up 3 trees... our big one in our great room, our regular one in our bedroom with all our hallmark ornaments, and one up in the kids' playroom that they can decorate however they wish.

But not this year. Just my big tree. See?

But I think the decorating I was even more proud of wasn't Christmas-y at all. In taking photos of the house, I noticed that every single picture of my closet looked terrible. Even though I didn't think it looked that bad in "real life," the photos showed every. single. item. that was out of place. So I pulled out SKILLZ I forgot I had... my Gap-sweater-folding-SKILLZ. I worked one summer and/or Christmas holiday at Gap, and my entire shifts consisted of folding sweaters and shirts with folding boards.

So, since I don't own folding boards (duh!), I used the next best things... catalogs and sale ads! And I was pretty proud of the results!

*In full disclosure, my closet does not currently look EXACTLY like this... While the items on the shelves are still nicely folded, there does seem to be quite a pile of clothing left on my bench that hasn't made it back on the uniformly folded shelves yet. Oh well...*

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granny2five said...

If I weren't ashamed to let you LOOK in my closet, I'd certainly let you organize it!