Sunday, January 24, 2010

So Much (ABC-style)

This weekend. It was our annual family slumber party weekend.

There was/were...

So much...

A - Aunties. Aunt Darla (me), Aunt Sissy, Aunt Liss... as much fun as it is being a mom, I really enjoy being an aunt, and acting silly like only an aunt can be.

B - Bittersweetness (yup, I know it's not a real word). While we really enjoyed being together, it wasn't quite the normal hilarity with my grandfather so sick. And my brother couldn't come. Well, that just was no fun at all! :(

C - Cousins. We've never been around other parts of our family during our special weekend, but we have one cousin in from out of the country, so we had her & her sister (and the sister's family) all over Saturday night. It was so fun!

D - Dancing. Big and Little Sissy (my nieces) were full of dances they were willing to share with us. So cute!

E - Exercise. Don and I brought our P90X DVDs with us, and the whole lot of us (well, almost) did Kempo X (Kind of like kickboxing) and Yoga this weekend. Even the little kids!

F - Food, fun, frivolity, family... lots of "f" words, huh?

G - Guilt. I was in charge of one meal for the weekend (only one meal!), and I was making Italian beef. I was afraid the meat wouldn't be finished in time, so I moved the slow-cooker to High on the 4 hour setting. I had every intention to move it back to Low for the remainder of the day (before we left to go shopping), but I forgot... So my meat wasn't cooked through yet. And I was supposed to feed 15-ish people. I felt AWFUL! (of course, my family was great about it, and we just exercised first, and it was eventually done!)

H - Headstands. For some reason, we decided to find out who could do the best headstands. It started with Bub, who is really good, of course. Then my dad showed us how good he still was at headstands. Then the rest of us all tried. I could still balance with my legs on my elbows... I just couldn't lift my legs up from there! :) Then on Saturday when the cousins were visiting, my cousins showed off their skills, too! Hilarious to see adults still trying to show off!

I - Ingenuity. When Little Buddy didn't have a diaper (and DEFINITELY needed one), let's just say duct tape came in handy (along with other diaper-like supplies)...

J - Jammies. Practically all we wore all weekend.

K - Kids. Kids, kids, EVERYWHERE! And I loved it!

L - Laughter. Oh my goodness... SO. MUCH. LAUGHTER! It's good for the soul, or so I've heard! Oh yeah, and love.

M - Mysteries. My niece decided there was a mystery on-hand, because while Bub TOLD her he ate the whole bag of Skittles, she still smelled them somewhere in the house. So we spent over an hour writing down the clues, helping her interview potential witnesses, and finally "planting" evidence for her to help her solve the mystery (she didn't believe Bub when he told her they were all in his stomach!). Very cute!

N - No camera. Nuff said. Grrrrrrr....

O - Overeating. Such good food! And so much of it!

P - Pepsi Throwback. Yum. That's all I've got to say about that. YUM.

Q - Quiet time. Oh wait... NO THERE WASN'T!!!!!!

R - Rummikub. We love that game. And we're a competitive bunch! It was funny to see Don and my Mom get into a trash talk war! Over Rummikub!

S - Shopping. Of course. Cuz it wouldn't be a family weekend if we didn't go shopping. And the boys went shooting. At the shooting range. Cuz it wouldn't be a family weekend if they didn't go shooting.

T - Technology. There were 4 iPhones, 2 laptops, and 2 netbooks out regularly. And a Wii. And a projector. Sad, isn't it?

U - Understanding (see Guilt). My family was so sweet when I messed the food up. And everyone understood that all of our emotions were a little elevated because of other situations. It was all good. And there's no other people I would have rather been with when I was emotional!

V - Valuable memories. I will never in my whole life forget my Grandpa's prayer for all of us when we visited him. Nor will I forget Little Sissy's hilarious stories about her Brown Lambie. Nor how Sis used the laundry basket to push Little Sissy and Little Buddy around for their Luge racing. Nor how Little Buddy hopped with bunny ears on all day. Nor how excited Bub was to see his favorite team (the Colts) play with his Dad and uncles.

W - Walking. Went for a walk with my two sisters. Well, maybe saying there was SO MUCH walking is stretching it a bit, but it was a good time to visit and fit in a little exercise all at the same time.

X - eXcitement to be together (yes, I know it's cheating...)

Y - Yoga X (see Exercise...) Oh, I'm so sore!

Z - Zzzzzzzzz's. Oh yeah, baby! Got some sleep, although it wasn't my own bed for sure!


Blessed Mama said...

Wow! Good job! The only thing missing is your fabulous pictures of all these events. :( I love this family! We've got the best. The world's got the rest. (sound familiar???)

LissaLou said...

Ok, so I'm WAY behind on reading blogs. That takes some extreme talent/creativity to be able to describe our weekend using the entire alphabet. And hey, there WAS a little down time. I remember a few hours of very peaceful quiet. I think that was naptime on Sunday! :)