Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More fashion

Because, you remember, I'm so fashionable. I won't tell you that I wore no makeup and barely fixed my hair for work today. Or that I wore pajamas the entire evening... Even when a friend dropped Bub off.

Also (and this has nothing to do with fashion), I'm blogging this from my iPhone. To see if I can. Because I might be at Sis's swim lessons sometime and feel a burning need to blog right then. And I will be without my laptop. Because I don't take my laptop to swim lessons. Thus, I might need to do some emergency blogging on my phone. So this is to make sure I know how.

But I'm guessing I'll have more typos this way. I guess we'll see, huh?!?

But back to fashion: I thought I'd include a few shoe shots.

I've used this picture before, but I thought I'd use it to demonstrate one of my favorite types of shoes right now: the peep toe.

This is another gave right now: flats. Ever since I hurt my back last spring, I can't wear heels as much as I'd like. So lucky for me, there are a lot of cute flats out there to choose from.

And finally (just for this list... This does NOT conclude my overall list of favorite shoes!!!), the t-strap Mary janes. I love these with tights especially.

What kinds of shoes are your favorites right now??

- Darla


KaitlynRae said...

I love all of your shoes. ;o) I really like the ones you wore last Sunday too. Haha... And thanks for commenting on my boots! I thought of you as sooon as I posted it. If anyone was going to comment, I thought you would. So thanks.

Busy Momma said...

Ha! That's funny that you knew I would comment on shoes... ME? I love my new shoes, too!!! They're just not so comfortable! :(