Friday, November 20, 2009

Fave Fall Fashions - Take 1,032

So, there are some things I like about this look, and several I don't...

Do: I like the layering look of short sleeves over long sleeves

Don't: I don't like the high neck of the long sleeve t-shirt under the scoop neck of the top shirt.

Do: I love the green shirt (although Don says it looks like it has wings) that I scored from eBay.

Don't: I don't like the green/black combo... too harsh, maybe

Follow-up fix: Here's how I wore the green shirt the next time... I have a scoop-necked charcoal gray top (see here) that I wore under the green shirt. I liked the color combination better, and I liked the scooped neck underneath better (although it comes up higher than the short-sleeved one still... but that's okay... because I think the green shirt by itself might show more than I'm willing to show). Then I wore the shirts with charcoal gray cords. Me likee!


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