Monday, November 16, 2009


Did I scare you? Well, maybe THIS will scare you... I'm just now blogging about Halloween! Boo... and not in the scary boo-sense! Boo, as in shame on me! And once again, I'm only posting pictures from my phone instead of my camera (which at least I used, for once!), because I'm LAZY!

So, introducing: Harry Potter and the Pirate (let's not tell her that the box her costume said "Wendy the Wench." I don't even want to go there!).

Are you figuring out what Sis's new pose is???

And is it freaky how much like Harry Potter Bub actually looks??

And who's excited to get to wear real live eye makeup???

Before we went trick-or-treating with friends, we stopped by my grandparents' house. Here the kids are with my grandpa.
So... anyone want to place bets (you know, if you bet) on when I post Thanksgiving pictures? You think by Christmas, maybe? And goodness! I'll have until Valentine's Day to post Christmas pictures, right???

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