Thursday, June 25, 2009

Go Team Blue!

So, where have you guys been???

Oh, yeah! It's ME that's been missing, huh? Well, you know the blogging irony... when I have TIME to blog, I don't have much to say, and when I have all kinds of pictures to show you, I'm too busy to blog! Or something.

So, Sis and Bub left for church camp on Monday. *silent tears* And they were team blue. So, guess what cool mom (me!) did??? I let Sis get some blue streaks in her hair. She was SO excited! She's been begging for a year for blue in her hair (or pink, or purple... she's not really picky!), so this is kind of a big deal for her! So, here she is at a wedding the Saturday before she left:

So, bright and early Monday morning, I took them to the church to load up.

And then they got in the non-air-conditioned bus for the 45 minute bus ride to camp:

But they were nice enough to give their mom one last good-bye out the window! (see?? Sis is in the front window, and Bub is in the 3rd window back)

Bub just went for a short week, so he got home yesterday, and Sis will be home tomorrow. I. CAN'T. WAIT!!!! I'm so glad they get experience, but five days is a REALLY long time for a momma!
It makes me blue. Hey, wait! Go Team Blue!!!


Blessed Mama said...

Glad your babies will both be home soon. Give everyone hugs for me, and have a great vacation!

dulce de leche said...

Love the hair! Ariana would like to color hers like that, but it is so dark that I have doubts about how it would work.

Glad everyone is having a good time, and that they'll be home with you soon!

LissaLou said...

I love the "team blue" shirt. Did you make that for Sis, too? I hope they had a blast & you all have a great trip!