Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cure for the common writer's block?

So, I've decided that I have writer's block. Except that's not quite right, because I don't "write" so much as I just talk. Or ramble. Or sometimes just show pictures. So maybe I have rambler's block. (Although looking at the paragraph I just wrote, it seems that I do NOT have rambler's block, doesn't it?!?

So as I was pondering what to possibly write about and/or show pictures of, I decided that the reason I haven't been able to move forward is that I haven't shown all my silly pictures from Memorial Day weekend yet... well, except for the ones here.

Okay, okay... I don't REALLY think that's my problem, but let's go with it, shall we? Here are some shots from my cousin's wedding on Memorial Day weekend.

I told Little Buddy to smile big... he didn't so much, but Aunt Yaya sure did! :) Good job, Aunt Yaya!
Bub and I are perfecting the art of the self-portrait!

Little Buddy and I are getting there...

Sis in her adorable maxi dress. I haven't decided if I'm on board with the whole look for me, but I think it's adorable on Sis. And she LOVES it!

Here's Bub and his 2 cousins J & C "just giving each other a little squeeze."

Big Sissy had been twirling and twirling, dancing with her daddy... I know this is a little blurry, but I love how angelic she looks here.

Now let's see if I can move on. And forward. And not backwards. And beyond now. Forgetting yesterday.
Nope, no rambler's block!


granny2five said...

What? Could you say that again?

Blessed Mama said...

Great picture of Big Sissy! I bought a maxi dress. I love it, but I was asked if I'm pregnant again the first time I wore it. I was afraid of that...

Busy Momma said...

I know... I just can't decide about the maxi. And I've given it WAY too much thought, too! I do think they're adorable on everyone else I've seen... just not sure they're "me."