Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family slumber party weekend, circa 2012

Hey, there!  Maybe I should have made one of my goals for 2012 to BLOG MORE!!!  Well, I'm going to TRY to catch up and post some things that have already happened and then post more regularly in the future.  I have to remember that my whole purpose for blogging is to remember all our "adventures."  So if I don't document them, it's like they never happened.  Right?  :)

So, I know I talked last year about our family slumber party we all have at my parents' house once a year (here is my update from 2010 and pics from 2009 and also here). We had it once again this year (duh!  it's "annual!").  This year, my brother was able to get off work and so we were ALL together ALL weekend.  It was so fun!

Last year, my nephew was very close to being born but wasn't here yet.  This year, not only was he here, he was our weekend entertainment.  We are all mush around him...  It's so fun to be around such a fun baby!

He was showing off his steps from one chair to the other.

He perks up the minute he sees a camera... what a cutie ham!

We played lots of games... my brother even made some brackets for our games... one was single elimination and the other was double elimination!  ha.

These are some game players that DO NOT LIKE TO LOSE!

The kids had a great time with Nana and Papa:  cooking, doing crafts and playing the piano.

We girls shopped (like normal) and the boys went a shot trap (I'm not even sure I phrased that correctly).  When we went to Old Navy and I saw that Christy had a shirt on from there, I made her pose.  She's such a good sport!

On Saturday morning, Don and I talked my brother and brother-in-law (and Bub) into going with us to the Saturday morning outdoor circuit workout that we go to (until I sprained my back and had to take 6 weeks off... that's another story for another day).  We did that while my sisters and my brother's girlfriend went for a walk (did I mention that it was snowy??).

After that, we were all done with exercising (on to eating!), except for Don who is training for the Leadville 100 mountain bike race this summer.  He rode his bike in the snow later in the weekend.

Here are some final shots from the weekend.  I say this every year, but I {heart} my family.

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