Thursday, January 20, 2011

We are Family

C'mon... sing it with me!

No, just kidding.  Please don't.

So, as I've mentioned PLENTY of times before, my family (my parents, my siblings and their families) take one weekend and, for the most part, keep it a sacred pajama party/eat too much/just hang out together kind of weekend.  Mostly, we just act like we're out of town together, even though we're still at my parents' house.

And it mostly works that way.  Although not everyone was available Friday night.  And my brother had to work a lot of the weekend (missed you, B!), we were together when we could make it work.  Oh, and my youngest sister is having her first baby in the next few weeks (yay!), so we also had a baby shower/brunch for her on Saturday morning.  So, yeah, we had to get dressed AND wear makeup AND do a little work.

But as soon as that (fun!) was over, we all came back "home" and put on our comfy clothes and vegged the rest of the weekend.

Here are some shots from the shower and the weekend (these are from my sister's camera - which I hijacked during the shower - and my iPhone):

My aunt and me... genetics run strong, don't they?  :)

Here's my mama and me.

Sis brushing my nephew's teeth...  they both thought it was pretty funny.  Note the label on my nephew's forehead.  Bub taught the other kids how to use Papa's label maker. Gah!

We worked on a puzzle all weekend.  And played lots of games.  And Just Dance 2 on the Wii.  Speaking of...

Hilarious!  (even blurry!)

I love this one, because everyone else is in focus, except for my nephew.  Who doesn't believe in standing/sitting still.

My niece and her "Brown Lamby," whom she loves so much that she insisted he get his own photo:

Brown Lamby

And finally, the kids all having a great time!

I {heart} my family.


dulce de leche said...

Love the pics, and adore your family! <3

granny2five said...

You are getting some amazing photos. What kind of camera do you have? You're becoming a regular little aficionado.

Blessed Mama said...

These pictures make me teary. I love my family too!